Two Tips To Follow When Deciding What You'll See At The Movie Theater With Your Date


If your date has suggested that you pick the movie or documentary for your upcoming trip to the movie theater, here are some tips that could help.

Pick something that interests your date and will be a good source of conversation afterward

First and foremost, it's best not to pick something purely because you would enjoy it; instead, you should opt for something that you think your date will find interesting. This will show them that you're considerate and are eager for them to enjoy this movie theater visit.

Secondly, you should aim to choose a movie or documentary that will give the two of you some food for thought and provide you with an opening for some interesting conversation when you've finished watching it. For example, if they love stand-up comedy and have been to see several of their favorite comedians' live shows, then you could pick a stand-up comedy documentary.

This would be better than watching a recording of a comedian's live show, as rather than making you laugh, but not providing you with much to discuss, it would show you all of the intriguing, silly, and weird things that go on backstage at comedy shows and would explore how the comedian's approach to stand-up is influenced by their struggles and life story.

In short, aside from being very engaging, it would give you lots to think about and to share your opinions on, which could help you and your date to understand each other better and find out if you are similar enough to be compatible.  

Ensure that you choose something that includes a few laughs

Whilst, as mentioned above, it's worth picking something that has some substance to it, rather than a fluffy, light comedy, making sure that the production you watch includes a few lighthearted moments will give you a chance to bond with your date over the comments or incidents that you both found funny. Some jokes here and there will also lighten the mood and balance out any heavy topics that the production explores, which will then ensure that you don't leave the movie theater feeling excessively somber.    

The aforementioned stand-up comedy documentary would also be a good choice because it would almost certainly provide the two of you with a few laughs, as you'll probably get to watch snippets of the comedian's shows and will be treated to their hilariously insightful and witty commentary on their own life. 

Check out local theaters or online streaming sites to learn more about stand-up comedy documentaries.


6 April 2021

Midweek Date Night

My husband and I go to a church about thirty minutes from our home. Every Wednesday night, we attend a small group for young, married couples at our place of worship. Recently, one of the couples in this class reminisced about a midweek date night they had not long ago. On the spur of the moment, they decided to go watch a late movie at a local theater. Before entering the theater, they promised each other that they would eat whatever junk food they wanted while watching the movie. They wanted to enjoy one night of delicious movie theater food without worrying about the calories. This sweet couple talked about how this spontaneous date night helped their marriage. On this blog, you will discover the best types of movies to watch during a midweek date night with your spouse.